Childrens Qigong

In China many kinds of animal Qigong have been developed, all with health purposes.
This kind of Qigong practice is great for children. The movements are retrieved from the animal world. The Chinese have studied the animal movements purposely aiming at strengthening body and mind.
The animals imitated are often: Bird, bear, tiger, monkey and deer.

Children’s Qigong is fun and playful, with beneficial effects such as:
1. Strengthening of the child’s skeleton, joints, muscles, tendons and improved circulation of Qi and blood.
2. Promotes developing of the brain and works against stress and concentration problems.
3. Helps the child find inner harmony and closeness with nature.
4. Prevents and counteracts asthma, allergies, digestive problems, poor eyesight, tiredness, heart problems, arthritis – and more.
5. Through this Qigong health preservation training the child obtains a feeling of freedom and playfulness.

THE BIRD The bird movements strengthen the heart and blood circulation

THE BEAR The bear movements strengthen the kidneys, the skeleton (especially in the back), bone marrow and brain. The exercises counteract overweight and imbalances of the body and gives the practitioner increased strength and life energy.

THE TIGER The movements of the tiger strengthen the lungs and chest area. The tiger movements strengthen the immune system, respiration and oxygen supply.
The tiger is the king of all animals in China. It moves quickly, soft and elegant, and its hiss comes abruptly.

THE MONKEY According to TCM the monkey movements strengthen the liver. The liver connects with our eyes and also relates to tendons and joints. The monkey is very clever. It has an intelligent and fast glance and jumps from tree to tree with big precision. The monkeys’ tendons are soft and flexible. The monkeys’ eyesight is very sharp.

THE DEER According to TCM the movements of the deer strengthen stomach and spleen, strengthen the muscles and improve the body’s ability to take up nutrition.

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