Dolphin Method


This beautiful Biyun Qigong Method is for everybody age 13 – 95 ! The Dolphin Qigong Method (also called “Chinese Yoga”) has been proven to have beneficial health effects by cronic as well as acute health conditions. The slow meditative movements are performed to a guided CD with Chinese music and the soothing sounds of the dolphins. The movements, moving like a dolphin, are empowered by visualisation and positive focus. The form can be learned in 10 -12 hours


The Dolphin Power Qi Gong Method is the ancient Chinese medicine’s “Bionic therapy.” The essence of this science is based on the theory of the meridians and the science of the functions of the inner organs according to the basic principles of Medical Qi Gong therapy! Dolphin Qi Gong has been developed by Grandmaster Fan Xiulan, the founder of the Biyun Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in a cooperative project with Örebrö University, Sweden, to train Swedish medical personnel and spa therapists.

The pleasant movements of Dolphin Power Qi Gong bring together the original energies of the ocean and the heaven. By practicing Dolphin Qi Gong we are put in touch with these energies, which give feelings of love, peacefulness, high energy and a higher wisdom. This method is helpful in the treatment of modern diseases such as those caused by stress, as well as depression, forgetfulness, insomnia, dementia, immune system dysfunctions, obesity and other states. This is a natural Chinese Medical Qi Gong remedy! Dolphin Power Qi Gong mobilizes the body’s energy for ”self-care and treatment” through its 5 practice sections, with the help of music and gentle commentary on the instruction CD. Hundreds of people have received satisfactory health effects by practicing Dolphin Qi Gong. The following characteristics of Dolphin Qi Gong contribute to these health effects:
  1. The movements are simple and easy to learn and practice. The movements are gentle and beautiful, yet invigorating! People in the ages from 13 to more than 90 years of age, can do Dolphin Qi Gong to cure and obtain a disease-free fitness.
  2. The beautiful classical Chinese music and realistic sounds of the sea accompanying the instructions, guide you into a deep, pleasant loving, elegant mood of the heavens and the joyful, loving ecstasy of the sea. This elevates the soul and helps you to achieve unexpected positive effects and benefits for your health and fitness!
  3. The ancient Chinese medical knowledge of “secret sound” communication is used to benefit the inner organs and health. In Dolphin Power Qi Gong we seek refuge in the universal peaceful energy universe for 30 minutes of peaceful practice.
Dolphin Qi Gong helps alleviate the symptoms of, stress, depression, phobias, forgetfulness, insomnia, multiple neuritis, and disorders of the heart, brain, and nervous system, menopausal syndrome. Alzheimer’s disease, as well as disorders in the respiratory system, asthma, allergies, movement system, rheumatoid arthritis, gout. It also benefits the liver and the digestive system, spleen, stomach and intestinal illnesses! Note that people with a family history of serious mental illness, or pregnant women, should not practice Dolphin Qi Gong, nor should people recovering from surgery. Classes were held on Lesvos, Greece, in June 2015, more classes planned for June 2016 Dolphin Method