December 2008
Dong Gong helps me return to myself. This movement meditation is so beautiful, centering, and graceful. My circulatory system is improving by new veins and capillaries appearing after just 70 days of practice. PMS symptoms and my quality of sleep have improved tremendously. My husband and I signed up for the class together. The daily ritual of Jichu Gong and Dong Gong in the mornings and evenings has improved our level of communication. Furthermore, we share the excitement of learning something new together. Give yourself the gift of learning Dong Gong – You will never be the same.
T. Sterling

December 2008
The Biyun Chi Gong Method is fantastic! After practicing Dong Gong for about a month, I experienced a major reduction of nerve pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. I’ve had neck and shoulder problems for ten years and during the last year I’ve had pain and tingling down my right arm. Well, after about a month of practicing Dong Gong (at least once a day sometimes more) the nerve pain was dramatically reduced. Now after practicing for over two months the numbness and tingling has stopped altogether. Although I still have some pain in my right elbow and wrist, I am expecting that in time my arm will heal and this pain too will fade away. My wife and I practice Jichu Gong & Dong Gong together. This has given us something exciting to share. This Chi Gong practice has both raised my energy during the day and helped me relax and sleep better at night. It is also helping me center and calm myself and maintain a healthy blood pressure without drugs. This Biyun Method of Chi Gong is wonderful! It is assisting in my healing process and improving myquality of life. I hope in the future to have an opportunity to learn the third level of the Biyun system.
Bradley Pollock

July 2010
I am excited, happy about and absolutely devoted to the Biyun Qigong Method. Qigong! Wonderful, simple, clear, and also deeply compelling. The effects of the exercises are noticed from day one, and the movements can be performed regardless of any limitations of body and mind. The movements are slow and gentle, but also have great strength and intensity, – so there is absolutely nothing wimpy about the Biyun Method. What a freedom to be able to perform what I would call ”the art of movement” anywhere, anytime, inside or outside. I’m deeply engaged in these beautiful, simple, daily movements that make so much sense. And I love the simplicity, as my philosophy of life is simple, straightforward, credible and filled with love, security and energy. In the daily routine the movements are solidly and efficiently supported by a synopsis and a guided CD. When I signed up for the class I honestly had some reservations about what I presumed might be another trend: Popular – for a very short time! I did not feel that I needed to become a new and a better person, even though I had just been in the hurricane’s eye with a condition of lymphatic cancer, chemo treatment and a number of side effects such as pain, stiff muscles, and a general weak condition. But my skepticism vanished like smoke. From practicing Qigong I have experienced development, possibilities, initiative, health, life force, vitality, and not in the least some concrete initiative to face myself. I feel the effect of the Qigong training from cellular level to mental activity. I feel so much better in all aspects. I’m not a very religious or spiritual person, but I will claim that I get help every day so that life energy and happiness flow. It is obvious that the Biyun Method contains the essence of the very very best, – handed down through generations. Very beautiful to have had the opportunity to learn this Health Preservation Method.
Thank you
Lisette Schjerlund

April 2011
I’ve used the method most days since I learned it. After the weekend class, I was able to feel confident in my ability to do the exercises correctly on my own. I find that when I start my day with Jichu Gong, I feel calm and strong…what a great way to start the day!!
Joan M. Stewart, MSW

May 2011
Back doing Chi Gong after an unplanned break. Feels like a very solid practice to maintain. I feel the effects very quickly and they increase with each day, it seems. I think it’s one of the single most important ways that I can positively affect my body. It’s subtle and gradual and the kind of practice that brings deep and lasting changes. Elaine Riley Tailor

May 2011
“After finishing Jichu Gong, my entire body pulses with energy. On opening my eyes, colors and shapes are much more vibrant. As a Shamanic Practitioner, we focus on achieving a state of “Luminous Awareness”. Practicing Jichu Gong brings me much closer to that state. One may state that it helps us to return to our ‘intrinsic state of fluidity.”
Peter Bulliard BA, RN LifeSource Energetics, LLC

September 2012
I have reached a goal in my life: I just got my certification to teach Jichu Gong, according to the Biyun Qigong Method. This was just a dream two years ago, but now this dream has come true. I want to thank you Elsebeth, for having met you on my path and opening my eyes to Medical Qigong, and for having taught me Jichu Gong and Dong Gong. From day one I knew that I had “returned home” and this feeling has not left me. I’m looking forward to teaching, and thereby giving many others the possibilities I have been given.
Mette Mejlholm

September 2012
I wake up, take deep breaths, open my eyes and step out of my bed. This may sound very normal, but it is new to me. I had asthma for many years, but now I have dropped the medicine, as I now all of a sudden am able to breathe deeply, down the breast area and deep down to my abdomen, – a wonderful refreshing sensation after for many years only breathing superficially. The side effects of the medicine I took meant that I had to start the morning removing infection from my eye lids with my fingers and then force liquid into my eyes, untill they were sufficiently moist to open, and I was able to blink with red and irritated eyes against the daylight. Also it required several vein pump and flexibilitiy exercises to secure that my foot joints were strong enough to hold me up as I stepped out of bed. So to wake up and breathe deeply and open my eyes and step out of bed is a daily joy. This is just some of the positive effects happening after I started practicing Qigong according to Biyun Method.
Lene Brandt