Jichu Gong classes

Jichu Gong, 1. level of Biyun Qigong Method

The Biyun Method is preventive as well as healing. It promotes the ability of the body to heal and regenerate itself. The method consists of simple exercises that are performed standing and at a meditative pace. The exercises are soft and organic, and can be done by everyone. The method uses conscious concentration while systematically going through the whole body. In a 12 hour course you learn the basic form, after which you can practice on your own, using a guided CD.

Regular practice detoxifies and rebuilds the body at a deeper level. The immune system strengthens, as well as the joints, muscles, bones and circulation. The training is a powerful tool to counteract and heal stress conditions. The method has been proven to have beneficial effect on acute as well as chronic medical conditions.

Biyun, the Health Preservation Method has been formulated by Grand Master Fan Xiulan, Chinese Medical Doctor and Professor of Medical Qigong. The Biyun Method is approved by the Chinese Health Authorities, based on studies showing positive heath effects. Besides its great popularity in China, the method is big in Sweden, and is spreading in Brazil and many European countries.

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