Peace Force Method

The Biyun method works with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is a profound method of self-healing and regeneration.

The Peace Force method is designed for teenagers and young adults. Like the basic and second level, this method is a series of slow and soft movements.

The Peace Force Method creates a deeper understanding of and connection to nature. The core of the training is creating peace force in our heart, within ourselves, and create alignment with nature and the surrounding world. The practice helps support self confidence and ethical consciousness.

The Peace Force Method is performed standing and at a meditative pace. The movements are empowered by visualisation and concentrated focus on each and every movement.

The Biyun method can be learned in a 10-12 hour course. After this you can practice on your own with a music CD and a synopsis that shows and explains all the movements thoroughly. The form lasts 30 minutes and is a series of beautiful movements.

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