QIGONG according to the BIYUN METHOD
Health Preservation Qigong according to the Biyun Method works both preventively and as healing, according to ancient Chinese principles about energy-flow. You work with physical exercises, that open up blockages in the energy fields, the meridians. But the core of the positive effect is in the mental work, in a conscious and positive focus. It is the concentration in the movements that emphasizes and empowers the energy work, and gives us tools and strength to alter health conditions.

Health Preservation Qigong is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, and is a health system whose roots go back 5000 years in China, where the principles evolved as a mixture of philosophy and medicine.
The method is based on the same principles as acupuncture: that life energy runs in paths, meridians, through the body. By practicing Qigong blockages of the energy system are dissolved, only here you need no practitioner to work on you. If disturbances of the energy system occur there is a foundation for illnesses. According to TCM theory everyone is born with a certain amount of basic life energy. With Qigong training this energy is awakened and stimulated, and the body’s capacity of self-healing is improved.

Biyun, the Health Preservation Method, is put together by Grandmaster Fan Xiulan, Chinese doctor and professor of Medical Qigong. She is the the founder of, and for many years director of a recognized health institute near Beijing.
Fan Xiulan learned Qigong method from her grandmother as a child, but later got away from it, until many years later she fell seriously ill, according to the doctors incurably ill. Then she started training her grandmother’s method, and after only a few weeks her blood work showed improved values, and soon she was completely well. Miraculously, according to the doctors. She then decided to dedicate her life to help others help themselves with Qigong. She was trained to be Qigong Master, she developed her own school of Qigong, she had a professorship in Medical Qigong, and she founded her health center in Xiangshan near Beijing, where thousands have learned Qigong according to the Biyun Metoden.
Fan Xiulan now lives a great part of the year in Sweden, and in 2010 The Biyun Academy opened a health center in Stockholm, where classes, workshops, talks, treatments ect. are being offered.

The Biyun Method has (besides in China) expanded in Sweden, where more than 100.000 people practice this method. It is being used more and more in the health sector because of its documented good results. In certain parts of the country a workshop in Medical Qigong can be prescribed by the doctor. The method is spreading to other parts of Europe: Germany, Norway and Denmark and to USA and Brazil.

Biyun characteristics.
This method is both preventive and healing, and helps the body regenerate itself. It works from a holistic viewpoint where body and mind go hand in hand. You start the basic training program, which lasts 25 minutes, by relaxation and end up doing self-massage. The method consists of slow, soft and organic movements, and can be performed by everyone. You breathe naturally using conscious focus while systematically working through the whole body. It is the attention and concentration that makes Qi, life-energy circulate.
In 12-15 hours you can learn the basic form, Jichu Gong, and after the course you can practice on your own with a guided CD.

Jichu Gong, basic level, main purpose: to improve circulation, add life-force energy promote detoxification
Jichu Gong opens and cleanses, it is the foundation on which you build your ”house of health”. After Jichu Gong you can add the second level:
Dong Gong, second level, expanding your capacity to move and receive life energy, deepening physical and mental balance, and positive health effects.
5 Element Qigong is the third level, where you develop your own personal Qigong according to the principles of the five elements.

Classes for specific groups:
Children’s Qigong
Peace Force Qigong for young adults
Senior Qigong
The Woman’s Qigong
Dolphin Method

The effects of this method are:
Beneficial by a number of acute as well as chronic conditions
The immune system improves
The stress level is reduced
Depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances are reduced
Concentration, attention, and memory improves
Personal resourcefulness, pleasure in work, creativity and intuition is improved
Emotional conflicts are being dealt with in a more positive manner
Creates peace, inner balance and a sense of well-being
Strengthens the ability to be present, to be in the Now
All in all – a significant improvement of life quality